LISA072Rweb“Sharp, easy to work with, and great timing. Lisa took what could have been an ordinary role and gets some of the biggest laughs of the entire movie.” Grant Reed, Writer/Director of “Incest! The Musical”


“Lisa is a complete breath of fresh air. Not only amazingly talented but also easy-going and intuitive. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.”
Gabriel Moura, Writer/Director of the film, “Election”


“One of the brightest new stars I’ve come across, Lisa brings her character to set totally prepared, full of energy, and gives 110 percent. She has the talent, the dedication, the flexibility and the drive that sets her apart. I have worked with many great actors and I can faithfully say Lisa is going to be A-list one day. I’m lucky to have her in our cast and look forward to watching her career blast off and skyrocket to unimaginable heights.”
Ward Edmondson, Writer/Director, “Moonbound24”, Web Series


“From rehearsal, to the shoot and even through ADR, Lisa is one of the most dedicated and talented actors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She comes prepared, asks great questions and is constantly looking to achieve something great!” Michael McIlraith, Writer/Director of the film, “Keep In Touch”


“Lisa is a talented professional actress who brings intelligence, passion and commitment to every performance. She is a delight to work with in every sense of the word.”
Cassius Shuman, Tucker Road Productions (Writer, Director, Producer)